Wholesale Bananas Sydney NSW Australia
Wholesale Bananas Sydney NSW Australia

Wholesale Banana Information

Banana Growing

Bananas are the worlds largest herb and the largest perennial plant without a wooden stem. The trunk of the banana plant is made of a series of tightly overlapping leaf sheaths, comprising of about 90% water. This makes a banana plant vulnerable to strong wind damage.

Banana trees, from the time of planting, take at least 12 months or longer to produce the first bunch of bananas, with subsequent bunches produced about every 8-10 months thereafter.

Within 15 weeks of flowering, banana bunches mature enough to be harvested. A bunch of bananas attached to the stem of a tree, averages between 150 to 200 bananas and weighs between 35-50 kilograms.

Harvesting a banana crop is very physically demanding work and often very wet during the season from November to March. During the dry season from April to October, the weather for harvesting is ideal.

Each banana plant stem produces only one bunch, which once harvested, becomes organic matter for the next crop. The harvested banana bunches are taken to packing sheds where they are washed, sorted and packed.

During the packing process, a plastic carton liner is first placed in the bottom of a banana carton, followed by a sheet of paper to draw any excess moisture from the fruit.

The fully packed banana cartons weigh a minimum of 13 kilograms net. After packing, the boxes are moved on a conveyor belt to a palletizing station, where they are placed onto wooden pallets.

The pallets of bananas are then placed in cool rooms to lower the temperature of the bananas to around 14-16 degrees Celcius, which is the temperature they are transported at to wholesale markets around Australia.

Wholesale Bananas Sydney NSW AustraliaOver 20 million cartons of bananas are packed in Australia each year.

Banana Growers

The Australian bananas which Arthur Yee buys are a product of rain and sunshine from the tropic and sub tropic regions of the country.

Bananas in Australia grow on commercial plantations in four states.

More than 90 percent of Australia's bananas are grown in Queensland, mostly in the high rainfall region in the far north. The banana industry is concentrated around Innisfail and Tully, a narrow coastal strip between Cardwell and Babinda in Far North Queensland.

Other banana growers are found in the Atherton Tablelands, in northern New South Wales from Coffs Harbour to the Tweed River and in southeast Queensland as far north as Bundaberg.

Small commercial "boutique" banana plantations are also found in Western Australia around Carnarvon, as well as the near the Ord River at Kununurra in Western Australia and up near Darwin in the Northern Territory.

Wholesale Bananas

Bananas are mostly sold through wholesale markets like the "Sydney Markets" located at Flemington (Sydney) NSW or may also be sold directly to some of the major retailers.

Most Australian growers send their bananas directly to wholesalers like Arthur Yes Pty Ltd because they are based in these markets.

Come Early.

The markets usually start trading early, between 1am and 3am and finish trading at around 9am - 12 midday.

Every morning the markets are visited by buyers who are retailers (chainstores and independents), providores and food service companies who supply fresh produce to other businesses.


If you want the best products to sell, you need to get to the markets before 5am because most people come after 5am and

This gathering of buyers and sellers at the wholesale level creates transactions based on their individual requirements and prevailing market conditions.

At the wholesale market, the price of bananas is ultimately determined based on supply and demand. If there is a large supply of bananas, the markets will attempt to stimulate demand by reducing the price to sell available supplies.

If supplies of bananas are short, the price increases as buyers have to effectively bid up prices to get the produce they require for their own customers. The price of a 13kg carton of bananas can fluctuate considerably, which in turn will be reflected in the retail price per kilogram.

When growing conditions are best and supplies plentiful, prices will be at their lowest. As supplies fall away due to growing conditions, increases in prices will be experienced, but unless there is a major disruption to supplies, banana prices are always quite affordable and stable when compared to most other fruits.Wholesale Bananas Sydney NSW Australia

Arthur Yee has developed lasting and ongoing business relationships with some of the finest banana growers in NSW and North Queensland.

At Arthur Yee, we pride ourselves on selling superior quality grade bananas from the best selected plantation regions in Australia.

Contact us today.

Banana Retailing

Bananas are the number one selling fruit in Australia and usually take pride of place in any retail fruit shop. Retailers purchase bananas and adjust their margins according to market prices.

Fruit supply shops, supermarkets and providores will always attempt to make bananas appealing to customers by displaying fruit that is in top condition.

As bananas reach a ripe stage, retailers will offer special prices to sell any remaining fruit faster.

These "ripe" bananas are perfect for use in recipes such as banana sundaes, banana smoothies, power drinks, banana bread and banana cake.

If you run a business which uses or sells bananas, or even if you do joint co-op buying with your friends, family or neighbours, please consider how we may be able to assist you to save money by buying wholesale directly from Arthur Yee on our top quality banana produce.

Please contact Rebecca or Dora today.

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