Wholesale Bananas Sydney NSW Australia
Wholesale Bananas Sydney NSW Australia  
Wholesale Bananas Sydney NSW Australia Wholesale Bananas Sydney NSW Australia
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Wholesale Bananas Sydney NSW Australia

Banana Wholesaler Sydney Australia

Arthur Yee Pty Ltd Shipping No 74 Sydney

Arthur Yee Pty Ltd is one of Australia's leading wholesale banana merchants located at the new stall numbers E19 and E20 in the Banana Building of the Flemmington Markets in Sydney NSW Australia.

We are always looking for genuine farmers who have top quality fresh produce to sell and for retailers who need top quality fresh bananas for their business.

Wholesale Bananas Sydney

Arthur Yee currently buys and sells wholesale bananas in Sydney, Australia.

Cavendish and Lady Finger Bananas

While we specialise in selling traditional Wholesale Cavendish bananas and Wholesale Lady Finger bananas, we also offer you a range of exotic boutique bananas which are often used to enhance meals, especially curries and stews.

If you need any wholesale bananas, whether exotic or regular, please contact us 7 days a week between 5am and 11am.

Boutique Bananas

We also buy and sell wholesale boutique bananas such as Ducasse bananas and both African Plantain and Pacific Plantain bananas.

Wholesale Organic Bananas

Arthur Yee Pty Ltd sells wholesale organic bananas.

We are always looking for more organic banana growers to cater for our increasing rise in organic enquiries.

Buyers: Whether you are a small business, a shopping chain or conglomerate or just a group of friends or family, we can help you, the minimum order is 1 full box.

Group Buyers

We even sell to people doing "Group Buying" (for friends, neighbours, relatives etc) where they purchase a minimum of 1 box of bananas per sale and every other purchase is a minimum of 1 full box. So if you need to save money and buy fruit by the case, please contact us first.

Our Offer to You

We offer you confident and genuine assistance with both buying and selling bananas and have over 60 years of current collective experience in the Australian banana market industry.

We can supply your banana needs from the regular Cavendish variety bananas to exotic bananas and even certified organic bananas.

Contact Rebecca

Whatever you need, please contact Rebecca or Eugene or Dora first, you will be very impressed with our professional service.

Wholesale Bananas Sydney NSW Australia
Wholesale Bananas Sydney NSW Australia
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